Goats milk and lavender facial bar

Goats milk and lavender facial bar

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Great for dry skin, contains Lactic acid which helps exfoliate the skin. Reduces lines and wrinkles, helps repair damaged skin cells, protects from sun damage.


Contains: Goats milk, hemp palm oil, sunflower seed oil, lavender flowers



Due to the natural process of this soap, discoloaration on the soap is NORMAL. There are no chemicals, fragrances or perservatives used in this soap*


-All soaps come wrapped in seed paper ! Plant the wrap in soil, add water and flowers will grow.


Enjoy !

  • How To

    Wet face, wet bar of soap and lather face

    Can also be used as an exfoliator !

    Due to the natural proccesses of this soap, some discoloration may occur* Contains goats milk,lavender flowers and no preservatives.

    Great for sensitive skin or damaged skin that needs to be repaired 

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